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TOPIC atoz
Hasidic 13
hasidic 8
Hasidic parables 6
Childhood 5
Hasidim 5
Reggae 5
reggae 5
Eastern Europe 4
Education 4
Family history 4
Jewish culture 4
Music 4
National Yiddish Book Center 4
United States 4
Wexler Oral History Project 4
Yiddish 4
Yiddish Book Center 4
Yiddish language 4
cliff morse 4
hip hop 4
nybc 4
stories about ancestors 4
ybc 4
1920s 3
1930s 3
Advice 3
Family traditions 3
Hebrew 3
Holocaust 3
Immigration 3
Israel 3
Jewish 3
Jewish Identity 3
Jewish community 3
Literature 3
Matisyahu 3
Migration 3
Other languages 3
Politics and political movements 3
Rap 3
Soviet Union 3
Transmission 3
Warsaw 3
jewish 3
rap 3
rock 3
1940s 2
1950s 2
1980s 2
1990s 2
2000s 2
3D printers 2
3D printers and medical science 2
3D printers will change the world 2
Academia 2
Acoustic 2
Am I good or do I suck? 2
And the men that complain can't handle their own thoughts 2
Angie Martinez stalker 2
Artie Lange is hysterical on radio 2
Available technology and social interaction 2
Bad premise about the cat smoking weed 2
Banning clothing 2
Banning words and clothing while there are real problems in the world 2
Being naked in ones own home with the windows open 2
Bicycle with a motor 2
Black guys wearing sports clothing Vs. white guys wearing sports clothing 2
Boob painting girl gets in fight in times square 2
Books 2
Boy charged with assault after kissing a girl 2
Building myself up and bringing myself down 2
Buy stock in 3D printer companies 2
Can Mormons marry multiple people? 2
Can Rastafarians smoke weed? 2
Can native Americans use Peyote? 2
Cancer patient receives 3D printed rib cage 2
Career and Professional Life 2
Cat steals weed 2
Chasidic 2
Chris Christie sucks 2
Chubby mom was going to give her daughter cocaine for her 18th birthday 2
Company claims the robots are to provide companionship 2
DJ suing Taylor Swift 2
Do I have a type? 2
Does the baby? 2
Doesn't it matter if if those involved choose to do those things? 2
Donald Trump 2
Fall is upon us 2
Feet Sniffin story 2
Filthy foot fiend 2
Follow up to times square boobie story 2
Fuck that Alabama town 2
Fuck you puke smell 2
Fuckbot bumper sticker idea 2
Fuckbots are what I'm calling them from now on 2
Fucking plants 2
Gangbang Rosie from the Jetson's 2
German 2
Get it? 2
Girl says she would kick him 2
Giving sex offenders these robots? 2
God doesn't even wear pants 2
Hasidic Jews odd circumcision practices 2
He may enjoy that 2
Head transplant 2
How do women feel about creepy guys doing creepy shit? 2
I ask again Has the show been good so far? 2
I don't get the amputee fetish 2
I don't get the foot fetish 2
I don't hate Donald Trump 2
I don't think I would have sex with a robot 2
I get annoyed when people don't use manner words 2
I have a headache 2
I have a text message 2
I love yoga pants 2
I prefer that you do have them though 2
I say pussy a lot again 2
I say stupid shit sometimes too 2
I sniffed my own feet a few shows ago 2
I'll keep an open mind 2
I'm a Rand Paul guy 2
I'm getting a new phone 2
I'm not a fan of fall 2
I'm not going to get sick of yoga pants 2
I'm on board if you don't have feet 2
If the robot looks like the Weird science girl or a traditional robot matters 2
If we are going to talk jerking off here 2
Insulting the ad on youtube 2
Intelligent stories 2
Is that assault? 2
Jerusalem 2
Judgement free zone 2
Judgment free zone 2
Justifying ones job 2
Keeping up with technology 2
Klezmer 2
Laws about what people are allowed to wear 2
Leave the topless women alone 2
Let's fuck them while we can 2
Lets fuck some robots 2
List everything so as not to offend 2
Making her asshole say hello 2
McGinty podcast 2
Me clearing my throat 2
Miami-Dade is always wacky 2
Montreal 2
My son puked on my microphone and computer chair 2
New York 2
New York dorly news 2
New bumper sticker 2
New era of positive living 2
New humans 2
Non-religious 2
Now he's wants to tell young people what is cool 2
Pepper spray man 2
Perfect story for my show 2
Pink Floyd's the wall 2
Poland 2
Positive era Mike McGinty in the fall 2
Pretenders singer blames herself for her rape 2
Pretty white girl watches Isis beheading videos and then stabs her mother 2
Rejected kisses 2
Religious double standards 2
Religious kooks 2
Robot sex 2
Robots are going to take over the world 2
Rock 2
Rolex in pussy 2
Rolex in vagina story 2
Roots 2
Russia 2
Russian crutch 2
Russian insults stupid fucking Mike McGinty 2
S.A.D. 2
Saggy pants 2
Saggy pants is still a thing? 2
Saying "that's my faith" in a debate 2
Scholarship 2
Secular 2
Secularism 2
She flashed because of a crying baby 2
Shtetl 2
Sickness will not penetrate this fortress because of my healthy lifestyle 2
Singing about what's going on outside 2
Smoky a cigarette 2
Something about a fight at Dairy Queen 2
Speaking Gibberish 2
Star trek actress exposes herself to children 2
Star trek flasher 2
Taking some ibuprofen 2
Talking about my reflection 2
Talking about the Hasidic Jews odd circumcision practices 2
Talking about the banned clothing story 2
Talking about the feet sniffing fella 2
Tel Aviv 2
That wouldn't fly today 2
That's the kind of story I like 2
The Mohel sucks the blood off the baby penis 2
The dog in the videos name is the N word 2
The human body isn't going to lead to a societal breakdown you lunatics 2
up-solid down-solid